The Indian government encourages everyone to use them by giving them at a subsidized rate but the doctors have not come out openly to say whether its healthy or not.But privately they advice not to use for cooking

So I would like to know whether palm oil is injurious to health if its used for cooking
Thanks so much for your concern Maria

Can you say whether oils like Rice Bran oil or Sun-flower is safe to use?


Palm Oil = Saturated Fat!
Many packaged cookies now boast that they contain 0 g of trans fat. However, this may not be the great news that it seems to be. In order to minimize or eliminate the use of trans-fat-laden partially hydrogenated oil, some food manufacturers have replaced it with saturated-fat-laden palm oil and palm kernel oil – which may not be much better for you!

Numerous health authorities have warned against the use of palm oil in packaged foods. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute warned that the “high content of saturated fat… found in… palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter” puts people at risk for heart attack or stroke. Indeed, the World Health Organization has also warned there is “convincing evidence” that palmitic acid increases the risk of heart disease.

Dear Black Mamba don’t use it for cooking.

I want you to live a long life.

I meant like, the process for making palm oil as a form of biofuel.


Palm oil is vegetable oil and crude oil is taken out from earth by drilling.

Oil Palm plantations are growing at rapid rates in the tropical nations of Indonesia and Malaysia. These lands were once covered by upwards to 90% rain forest just a century ago, while that has declined presently to less than 50%. This is due largely to oil palm plantations. Palm oil has been used historically as a cooking and cosmetics additive with other uses. However, the palm oil industry is now booming with its realization of clean energy. Europe has turned to this clean energy in hopes of reducing the global warming problem. Palm oil is about 8-10 times as efficient as ethanol for power. However, rainforests are being slashed and burned at record rates in these nations, to make room for more palm oil plantations. These areas which were a rich are for trees and plants as well as animals are now being turned into an oil palm monoculture for profits. Think about how the atmosphere is effected when dense rain forests are being burnt down at blinding speeds.


I don’t think using straight Palm Oil as an alternative energy resource is a good idea. I do think, however, that using Palm Oil biowaste from these mills would be a better alternative energy source that would help to elliviate potential groundwater contaminants.

Solid and liquid biomass waste is a renewable source of energy that could potentially be transformed into electricity, gas, bio-diesel and fertilizer to serve remote rural areas and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

I think if we educate the producers in this area about the potential their waste products have, we could influence them to conserve and become more aware of the impact they have on the local, regional and global environment. All businesses want to realize the savings of running an efficient operation. Therefore, showing that their waste by-products may hold lucrative potential may be just the incentive needed to spark this effort to “green-up” their biz.

Obviously other vegetable oils have to be grown somewhere in rainforests, so why is palm oil so much worse? I know it’s killing orangutans?


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What moringa oleifera benefits could you receive from consuming moringa tree goods regularly? It’s the proper query to form out. Of course, moringa goods are all around the industry nowadays. You will find moringa herb teas not to mention moringa supplements. You’ll find soaps not to mention beauty goods manufactured from moringa as well. Consequently what is so beneficial with regards to moringa oleifera that individuals are going wild concerning this? There must be a reason why folks assume this tree is awesome just enough to be able to think of it as one of the freshest sensational herbs at present.

There is indeed some fact with the health benefits of moringa tea you may have heard of. A tree that originated from the particular Himalayan region, the particular moringa has long been part of the culinary and then nutritional tradition involving both South Asia along with Southeast Asia. The tree seemed to be released in South America and Africa that allows you to fight malnutrition and low income in these places. The functions regarding moringa have been known globally for hundreds of years, so the reported moringa oleifera benefits have to be true.

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